Some of our clothes are more delicate than others. A piece of leather, a wedding dress, a cashmere sweater… These are often clothes that we would like to keep in time but difficult to maintain. These fragile materials, which require special care, need a good product/machine balance to preserve all their qualities. In this article we share with you a selection of fibers which must be cleaned by an expert. on vous donne une sélections des fibres à confier absolument à un expert. 


The brain-teaser of the suede coat 

To clean a suede garment at home, you need specific products, and our home cleaning efforts often make the situation worse by affecting the color of the suede. By going to the cleaner, we avoid a big headache! Ecological cleaning offers perfect results by removing stains by ultrasound, a technique that won’t affect the softness or color of the fabric.  


Take care of delicate clothing 

Contrary to what one might think, noble fabrics such as wool, cashmere or merino have to be washed with water. It is necessary to wash at a precise temperature, adjusting the volume of laundry and monitoring the drying to avoid surprises. For such valuable pieces, it is better to invest in the care of a green cleaner.The technologies usedin green cleaning franchises are much better suited than the cleaning techniques we have at home, and even the processes with solvant of traditional dry cleaning. 


Entrust your fur to an expert 

Cleaning fur is a laborious, time-consuming task where the slightest misstep is irreparable. Home washing is not recommended. Whether it’s for a real fur jacket or an imitation item, it’s better to let professionals at an ecologic cleaner to take care of it. 


Solutions for your leather 

Just like cleaning carpetsor cleaning delicate shirts, leather items deserve the services of a professional. When buying a piece of leather, it is expected that it can be worn very long. However, it must be maintained, and especially don’t damage it by using strong stain removals or washing it in your domestic washing machine. To enjoy your investment for a long time, it is necessary that the leather is supported by an ecological cleaner. Our technology allows you to wash this kind of item in depth and without damaging it.  


The wedding dress: avoid home made treatments 

Cleaning a wedding dress requires special attention. To maintain its whiteness, ecological cleaning offers a highly efficient service that will not detract from the delicate details of this precious object. Just like cleaning white shirts, only green cleaning canrestore the fabric’s whiteness. The water-cleaning technology does a gentle job, with no toxic products for the environment and health, and without the use of temperatures that could melt certain fragile ornaments. Today, with the effervescence of green cleaning franchises, it became possible to give a second life to your wedding dress! 


In fact, thanks to an advanced technology that avoids waste of water, as well as an ecological process that uses no solvants, our high-performance machines are ideal for washing and disinfecting coats, costumes, sportswear, the everyday clothes… Washing with water removes stains and body fluids such as clothing in direct contact with the skin, while a standard washing machine only clean superficially. If you have a doubt, it is better to take advantage of the service of a green cleaner, much more effective than home cleaning and even dry cleaning!


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