And yes, winter is ending; he is cleaning his winter coat and putting it away in his closet. Cleaning a winter coat is absolutely essential, but is meticulous and above all very difficult. To avoid any serious washing error, call on a professional cleaner who will know how to protect your coat!

Ecological cleaning: A worry-free alternative

Throughout the winter, we wear our coats every day. Throughout the summer, our coats sit and accumulate dust. Over the years, sweat and dirt wear down the coat’s fibres, gradually affecting their waterproof and insulating properties. Therefore, it is essential to practice delicate yet effective cleaning techniques. Washing your coat at home requires a special knowledge of fabric composition and cleaning practices. Mishandling or misreading the label can cause permanent damage.An eco-friendly dry cleaner can provide green cleaning methods adapted to your specific coat. By leaving your coat in the hands of a professional, you can ensure it will receive the proper care.

A personalized and eco-friendly cleaning

When you take your coat to a green dry cleaner, it’s important to communicate certain details, like how long you’ve owned the coat, its fabric composition and any defects. It is highly recommended you treat stains immediately. If you tend to get messy, an anti-stain treatment is a good solution to protect your coat from accidental spills. This treatment improves the fabric’s resistance to stains and protects it from damage caused by salt and mud.

Coat maintenance

Unfortunately, professional dry cleaning is not enough to protect your coat from everyday wear and tear. One thing you can do at home is to hang your coat after a day in the snow, and always store it in a dry place.During the off-season, avoid stuffing your coat into a plastic bag. Instead, place it on a hanger to promote air circulation and prevent it from drying out. You can also apply waterproofing treatments that will protect it from moisture.By adopting these simple techniques, your coat will surely survive many winters. And your wallet will thank you!

Ecological cleaning: The best solution

A single cleaning error can do irreversible damage, so it is important, and often essential, to know which of your clothes can be dry cleaned. Relying on a green cleaner not only protects your clothes but the environment too! When you avoid washing your coat, it deteriorates faster. That’s why it’s beneficial to wash your coat every year.

While certain home remedies may seem effective, nothing beats the care of a green cleaner. At Daoust Ecoefficient Cleaners, we bring your clothes back to life with our unique washing processes. Our green-cleaning experts can work with any type of garment to restore its original radiance, colour and life!

The best for the end

Enjoy cleaning your coats without having to travel with the DaoustValet service. All you have to do is plan your pick-up and you're done.