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*Offer valid from November 23, 1am until November 28, 2022, 11:59pm. Offer for online orders only for a minimum of $35. Offer not matchable and valid for one order only. Not valid on sewing and rugs. Taxes not included.


Stay Home, we take care of your garments!

Tired of laundry chores at home? At Daoust Valet, we assure you peace of mind with our pick-up and delivery cleaning service.

? Free Delivery

? Cleaning within 48H

? Green, non-toxic and hypoallergenic

??????? More time with your family and your friends

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    Our Prices


    • Chemise/shirt 6.99$
    • Blouse de coton/cotton blouse 8.99$
    • Blouse 14.49$
    • Pantalon/pants 12.99$
    • Bermuda/short 10.99$
    • Habit 2 pieces/2pieces-suit 29.99$
    • Veston/jacket 16.99$
    • Cravate/tie 15.99$
    • Jupe/skirt 12.99$
    • Robe/dress 27.99$
    • Combinaison/jumpsuit 29.99$
    • Foulard/scarf 13,99$


    • Coupe vent/windbreaker 22.99$
    • Manteau court/short coat 39.99$
    • Manteau court en duvet 44.99$
    • Manteau 3/4 51.99$
    • Manteau 3/4 en duvet 51.99$
    • Manteau long/long coat 48.99$
    • Manteau long en duvet 59.99$
    • Kanuk, Canada Goose 79.99$


    • Simple 49.99$
    • Double 54.99 $
    • Queen 59.99$
    • King $64.99

    Wash & Fold Service

    • Sac/bag 18lb (lavé,plié) 44,99$

    GET 20% OFF with the #code: DAOUST on your first order over $35

    RABAIS -20% avec le #code : DAOUST
    sur votre première commande supérieure à 35$

    Our Services

    Wash & Fold Service 

    Tired of spending hours doing your laundry? Drop off your clothes* in a Daoust 18lbs bag and we'll handle the rest.

    Wash & Fold is a service without handling the laundry by the staff. This process respects the hygiene charter of laundry treatment (RABC standard) that we have put in place to avoid any contamination of the clean laundry. In this way we do not treat stains that would require special chemistry and care. This is done as an additional care/service that we provide.
    As the laundry is not sorted, please make sure to separate white, black and colors to avoid any unintentional staining of your clothes.

    Is this your first order? Put your laundry in a regular bag and we will return your folded clothes in a Daoust Valet laundry bag. The next time you will already have your Daoust Valet bag at your disposal.

    Cleaning & Ironing 

    You don't know how to treat your delicate clothes? Drop your delicate clothes in a Daoust 18 lbs bag and we will take care of them and bring them back to you as good as new on a hanger at your door

    This service takes care of your delicate clothes (furs, wools, cashmeres, silk, leather, suede, wedding dresses, tuxedos?) If necessary, we also take care of the detaching and pressing. The pressing technique can be done in two ways:
    – Mannequin : a high-performance pressing robot for shirts and tuxedos

    -Handmade ironing: our experts take care your clothes by hand ironing. That requires the greatest attention, such as dresses with bangs or ruffles.


    Our sewing service for all desired modifications. Available only on estimate

    Our Expert Care


    The application of a thin film on a garment to improve its shape


    Thanks to our ozone technology we eliminate 99.99% germs and bacterias.


    A thin film applied to a garment to inscrease its resitance to light rain and snow.


    A thin film applied to a garment to increase its resistance yo stains and other evidence of our daily lives.

    Super Whitening 

    A unique ecological bleaching method wich uses an oxygenated bleaching agent without chlorine.

    *Excluding delicate clothing. Wash & Fold is a service without handling the laundry by the staff. As the laundry is not sorted, please make sure to separate white, black and colors to avoid any unintentional staining of your clothes.

    Still not convinced? Here is what our customers say about us!

    Utopia animation
    Utopia animation
    Du début à la fin, impeccable. Le système de cueillette est tout simplement parfait. Le nettoyage, tel que je m'y attends, et la livraison toujours avec un sourire. Ils sont accommodants et extrêmement rapide pour nous répondre. 11 sur 10.
    Eric Tremblay
    Eric Tremblay
    Ils offrent un excellent service. Le nettoyage écologique est super. Le linge est propre puisqu'ils n'utilisent pas de produits chimiques pour masquer l'odeur. Le service de cueillette et de livraison est vraiment fantastique. C'est vraiment le 3.0 du nettoyeur.
    Sylvie Gosselin
    Sylvie Gosselin
    Excellent nouveau concept j?adore ??
    Michel Millette
    Michel Millette
    Je suis très satisfait du service offert. Autant dans la facilité pour la prise de commande, que dans l'exécution et la livraison. Très satisfait de la qualité. du nettoyage.
    Luc Buisson
    Luc Buisson
    Cueillette et livraison des chemises est facile et très efficace. J?adore
    Alexandre Goupil-Levesque
    Alexandre Goupil-Levesque
    Louisa a su répondre à mes questions rapidement. Super satisfait du service.
    Hugo Cerqueira
    Hugo Cerqueira
    Excellent nouveau service, ça me sauve enormement de temps. Merci.
    Haroutiounian Serge
    Haroutiounian Serge
    Par les temps qui court, ce service me facilite totalement la vie en s'occupant de ma buanderie. J'ai pu totalement retirer la lessive de mon quotidien. Merci DaoustValet
    Stephan Corriveau
    Stephan Corriveau
    Personnel très sympathique et accommodant. Qualité de la prestation : impeccable. Essayer le "Super Blanc" c'est l'adopté !

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